Veteran Support Grant

Veteran Support Grant

The National Guard Association of Michigan’s (NGAM) Veteran Support Grant (VSG)

is dedicated to providing financial assistance to the Michigan men and women of military service and their families during a critical time of need due to an unexpected, emergent need.  As veterans ourselves, we know the cost and sacrifice of service.  We understand that one of the nation’s greatest living treasures are those who wore a service uniform and the families that served alongside of them.  No matter what branch of service, we are here to support you.  When these great men and women find themselves suffering a personal hardship, the NGAM VSG is here to help.


Who qualifies:

  • Veterans and Service Members. Must be a currently serving, retired, or separated military member that resides in the state of Michigan. Membership in NGAM is not required. Applicants can be a current or past member of any branch of the military that has completed, at a minimum, basic training.


  • Dependents. Un-remarried surviving spouse or legal dependents of a veteran needing assistance may apply. Proof of dependency to the veteran must be provided along with proof of the veteran’s status. Legal dependency of a child shall cease to exist upon emancipation, marriage, high school graduation (if not seeking higher education), college graduation (if seeking higher education), or at the age of 24 if still in college. Children considered physically or mentally handicapped, who are incapable of maintaining self-support and confirmed by competent medical evidence, shall be considered a legal dependent of a qualified veteran if such condition was diagnosed prior to the age of 18.

The grant process:

The NGAM Veteran Support Grant has two stages of approval that typically takes between 45-60 days after receiving a completed and accurate application.  A reviewing committee will evaluate the application and determine what needs of the veteran the grant can meet.  That recommendation then goes before the board of directors for a final determination and distribution of funds.

Please be detailed when explaining your situation and need.  Identify exactly what support you need from the grant.  The more general your request, the less likely we will be able to support you.  If the committee cannot fully understand your need, your application could be denied.

Please provide the best possible picture of your financial situation.  Proof of income and all bills will be required to demonstrate your emergency need.  A budget sheet that includes your income and expenditures must match the evidence you provide for incoming and outgoing financials.

All quotes for work or repairs must have quotes from at least two different sources.  Dental work only requires one cost estimate.  Proof of vehicle insurance, property tax bill, current home value, monthly mortgage costs, lease agreements, or proof of registration could be required.

For all contractors or mechanics, proof of a state license and proof of insurance must be provided before any funds can be released.  These files can be sent from the contractor straight to the VSG committee at

The VSG does not pay the veteran directly.  The bills or estimates that you provide as evidence of your emergency need will be paid on your behalf from the VSG Committee.  The documents that you provide must be clear and legible and must include all statement details for payment.  The VSG typically does not pay for expenses such as groceries, childcare, or non-essential services; however, the inclusion of evidence for these bills could be used as supporting evidence of the veterans need.  If these needs are not being meet, the VSG committee could provide outside, additional resources as a means of assistance.

NGAM understands that every application is unique: by individual and by need.  The application below is designed to accommodate all cases, but we also realize that some areas might not apply to every specific veteran.  The best way to ensure that your application is complete is to closely follow the instructions and provide all needed documents.  A majority of all denied or delayed applications is a result of incomplete or inaccurate applications.  In general, it is always better to include more information than less.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the most complete and accurate packet.  If you are unsure about a step in the process, ask for clarity.  If there are questions or gaps in your application, the committee will contact you for clarity, but it will delay your consideration.

The VSG Grant is designed to help with emergency needs, before the application is approved you could be asked about your ability to sustain better financial health after the award of the grant.

During this process, your identity and all personal information is always protected.  Even during the final recommendation process, no personal information is disclosed to the board or to anyone outside of the reviewing committee.  This is to protect your personal situation and to prevent name recognition or bias.

If you are awarded the grant. The VSG Committee could ask to use your likeness, photos of how the assistance was applied, and a testimonial of how the grant has benefited you and your family.

The Application:

To apply for the NGAM Veteran Service Grant you will need:

  • Describe your need and qualification for a grant
    • Include as much detail as possible so that NGAM staff and the NGAM board can understand your need for a grant
  • Proof of military service
    • DD214, NGB Form 22, current LES, discharge papers, separation report, state or federal ID that indicates Veterans Status, or other proof of veteran status or military service
      • You can call 1-800-MICHVET for help acquiring your DD214
  • Proof of Michigan residency
    • Driver's license, voter registration, or state ID
  • Proof of income over last three months
    • All incomes apply: Employment income, disability income, social security income, etc.
  • Proof of household expenses over last two months
    • All expenses apply: Mortgage, rent, utilities, food, internet, cable, phone, insurance, etc
  • Monthly Income and Expense Statement
    • The statement will itemize all monthly income and all monthly expenses. See SAMPLE.
  • Copies of bills related to the grant request
    • Up to date billing statements, in the name of the veteran or dependent, showing amounts owed current within 30 days of the application
    • For repairs to automobiles: Two estimates from state licensed and insured mechanics, proof of state licenses for both mechanics, proof of insurance for both mechanics, proof of automobile insurance, and proof of registration. Insurance proofs must be sent from the contractor's licensed insurance agent directly to
    • For home repairs: Two estimates from state licensed and insured contractors, proof of state licenses from both contractors, proof of insurance for both contractors, proof of workers compensation insurance for both contractors, copy of your most recent property tax bill, proof of the current value of your home, proof of your monthly mortgage payment amount, proof of mortgage interest rate, and proof of balance owed on mortgage. If you have no mortgage provide proof of a mortgage release. Insurance proofs, including workers compensation insurance. must be sent from the contractor's licensed insurance agent directly to
    • For rental assistance: Proof of the length of the rental agreement, proof of the amount of the delinquency, letter describing the cause of the delinquency, and rent account statement signed by landlord or rental agent. Rental agreements are not proof of delinquency.
  • Any other documents relevant to your case
    • Proof of your disability rating, if applicable
    • Proof of relation to a veteran, if applicable
      • Copy of marriage certificate, birth certificate of minor children, or death certificate of a deceased spouse or parent
    • As a rule, it is better to include more information to than less. Most denied applications are related to a lack of documentation.

Scanned documents are preferred. Only legible, readable photographed documents will be considered satisfactory.

If there are any questions or if the committee can assist you in the application process, please send an email to

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