Per the NGAM Bylaws, ARTICLE V – ELECTIONS, APPOINTMENT, TENURE, AND REMOVAL FROM THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, 2023 is an election your for the NGAM Executive Positions (President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer).  The duties and responsibilities of those positions can be found in the NGAM bylaws under ARTICLE IV – EXECUTIVE COUNCIL- DUTIES OF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS.


The immediate past president serves as the Chairperson for the Nominations Committee. The NGAM Nominations Committee shall only convene when needed to fill a vacant position to the Executive Council. The committee will be chaired by the Past President. The committee will solicit, collect, and review all nominations for elected offices. The committee will present eligible nominees to the general membership to be elected per the rules of these Bylaws. The committee chair can accept nominations made from the floor of the annual general membership meeting provided they are made prior to the acceptance of the committee report. Elections shall take place immediately following the committee report but must be complete before adjournment. The committee is responsible for tallying all votes and providing outcomes.

All voting by the general membership or the Executive Council, in a scheduled or special meeting of conference, shall be by a majority vote of eligible members unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws or in accordance with the Modern Rules of Order. The method of voting shall be determined by the presiding officer or chair thereof. Electronic votes are allowed provided that discussion can still take place, items being voted on has ample time for review, and results can clearly be tallied. Upon request from an eligible member, with an eligible second, a roll call vote may be ordered.


Election of the Executive Officers.

1. The President, Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of NGAM shall be elected biannually by majority vote at the Annual Conference.

2. Nominees for each Executive Officer position must be a current member of NGAM, with voting rights. Executive Officers positions can be either officer or enlisted.

3. Unless challenged by nomination or the position is declined by the incumbent, the 2nd Vice President will progress to the Vice President position, then the President position with each successive election cycle. If a position is declined by the incumbent, nominations for that position will be accepted and voted on by the membership at the Annual Conference.

4. Every effort will be made to alternate the President, Vice President, and 2nd Vice President between representatives of the Army and Air National Guard, i.e. if the office of President is filled by a member of the Army National Guard, the Vice President should be filled by a member of the Air National Guard, and the 2nd Vice President would be a member of the Army National Guard. If no candidate from the respective branch is nominated, a member of the opposite branch may be nominated and duly elected.

5. If no eligible nominations for any position are ratified by the membership at the Annual Conference, the President will appoint a member of good standing to the vacant position with a majority vote approval of the Executive Council.

2023 NGAM Executive Council Nomination Form


Details of the person submitting the nomination (individuals can be self-nominated):

Nominee Information

Details about the person being nominated. Nominated individual will be forwarded a copy of this nomination form and must accept the nomination. They will also be sent a copy of the NGAM bylaws and all policy letters. Service on the NGAM Executive Council does require a commitment. They will be considered by a vote of the membership at the state conference and, if elected, will be ethically obligated to serve the organization in that elected position as a representative of NGAM.